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Frequently Asked Questions

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    It is quite easy to join. By following this link, you can register by providing your email and creating a password. You will get a confirmation email to verify your email, after which you will provide your consent to participate and then start completing surveys.

    There are several benefits for participating in the registry. First, contributing information will help us better understand the reasons for higher cancer risk among firefighters. The information will generate new knowledge to inform ways to prevent cancer among current and former firefighters. Additionally, the findings could help inform state and regional legislators to implement policies and devote resources to benefit firefighters across Virginia.

    No. All firefighters are eligible to participate, regardless of cancer status.

    No. Both volunteer and career firefighters who work in Virginia are eligible to participate.

    No. Both current or former (e.g., retired) firefighters who were employed in the state of Virginia are eligible to participate.

    The overall goal of the Virginia Firefighters for Lifelong Health Registry (VA-FLH) is to generate data that can inform state-wide strategic planning, allocation of resources, and strategies for cancer prevention among current and former firefighters in Virginia. The specific objectives include: 1) characterize the demographics, lifestyles, risk factors, and health status of firefighters who enroll in the VA-FLH; 2) develop ways to improve health and promote cancer prevention among current and former firefighters in Virginia; 3) support long-term health promotion and cancer prevention among Virginia firefighters and their families through interactive communication, networking and data collection from registry participants.

    Absolutely. We take this VERY seriously, and will do everything we can to protect your information and keep it private and secure. Read the about your privacy here: link to Your Privacy Tab

    If you follow this link to the registration page  you can reset your password by clicking "Forget password"

    Yes! Please tell your friends who are/were firefighters in the state of the Virginia about the registry and feel free to provide them the link to the registry website.

    If you agree to participate in the registry, your participation will be indefinite as we will conduct several follow-up studies over the next few years. Each year we will ask you to renew your consent, but you can withdraw participation at any time by emailing the study team at You may also just complete the registry survey, but not opt-in to being contacted for future research studies.

    Firefighters who complete the enrollment questionnaire will be entered into a once yearly raffle to win one of 20 $50 Amazon gift cards.

    Although we are primarily interested in cancer, we are also interested in other chronic diseases, such as sleep disorders, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

    While individual test results are not made available, we will share information through reports that aggregate the data. As results emerge, summary of the findings will be posted on the participant website and can be made at request by emailing the study team at

    The survey will ask information about your work, health, lifestyle, and behavior. Examples of work questions include departmental and job title history and work practices, such as wearing protective gear. Examples of health information includes your physical health such as chronic disease diagnosis and perceived well-being. Examples of lifestyle behaviors include tobacco and alcohol use, exercise, and sleep. Your individual results will never be shared or presented with anyone, including fire department management. Any report will only include aggregated (combined) results. Optionally, you can also share your medical records alongside completing the survey.

    Yes. Participants will be allowed to withdraw their data up to the point of withdrawal, provided that no analyses have been conducted. In the case that analyses have been conducted, data collected from participants will remain in the database in order for the study to be scientifically valid. To withdraw, please email the study team:

    The study is being sponsored by the Massey Cancer Center. We have been working closely with the Virginia chapter of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCNS) in the development and implementation of this registry.

    Please email the registry coordinator, Dr. Trevin Glasgow, at or call (804) 628-4649 if you have any questions.

    In any study there will always be risks associated with a data breach or loss of protected information. We will maintain the highest security protocols possible for collecting and storing electronic data. We will keep all data confidential and restrict access to only those involved in the study or other approved researchers. Any shared data will be coded so that no identifiers (such as name, email, etc.) are included in the dataset. Only summaries of the data (not individual data) will be shared for the purpose of communicating findings.

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